Company Concept

“  New Methods  New Ideas  ”

What is the role of a "general trading company" specializing in construction materials?
For Hirukawa Metal, a "general trading company" is a company that provides proposals for realizing advanced urban construction.
We are now using BIM (Building Information Modeling) which allows us to manage design, manufacturing and construction using three-dimensional models.
Through BIM, we have achieved improved efficiency of construction, and we provide proposals for new-design buildings and environmentally-friendly urban construction.
We also provide proposals for seismic isolation expansion systems to improve building safety and security, which is an important business for us. Urban construction will continue to change substantially in the future. Cities may undergo more drastic changes than ever before.
Hirukawa Metal, as a "general trading company", continually strives to provide construction companies with novel propositions.

Basic Philosophy

Sanpo-yoshi Principle  Buyer - Seller - Society

Even when customer needs change to reflect a new era, our Basic Management Policy, the “Sanpo-yoshi Principle,” never changes.
We believe that it is extremely important that we are on an equal footing with customers, cooperating contractors, and our employees, and we work to maintain a good balance with them so that our business can last forever.

Policy on Customer Satisfaction

With the requirements of the future in mind, we will focus on producing quality products and delivering them quickly, at reasonable prices, at all times.
This is Hirukawa Metal’s “Policy on Customer Satisfaction”, which keeps us making an all-out effort. To this end, we will commit to continuous efforts to gather new information from different channels in order to keep leading the market.

Message from the President

From our founding to the present day, we have contributed to urban construction through sales of construction materials and through construction.
Bearing in mind that the urban environment changes over time, we have provided proposals for "advanced urban construction".

In recent years, besides conventional activities, we have focused efforts on building up our construction system to put our energies into the fields of seismic-isolation and earthquake-resistance, which are important in an "earthquake country” like Japan.
We have also introduced and fostered BIM business in the design, manufacturing and construction phases, and our role in actual construction sites has been recognized.

At our operation sites, we have expanded our business internationally.
We recognize that wide contribution on the world stage in the future is our next challenge.
As a general trading company for construction materials, important issues include buildings maintenance and safety management for users in the field of safety and security, as well as innovating business methods related to BIM business.
To respond to challenging changes, our company needs to grow, with our employees growing with us. In order to continue to pursue our management policy, “Sanpo-yoshi", which we have followed since our founding, our employees and our company strive to continue growing.
In addition, we aim to be a company which satisfies customers, cooperating contractors and all related groups, and our employees work together to become a reliable company with "Strong Trust and Confidence".

Corporate Info

President Masafumi Hirukawa
Founded July 7, 1984
Incorporated October 25, 1984
Capital 40 million yen
Settlement of accounts April 20
Number of employees 85
Head office 6-801, Hidamarinooka, Kuwana-shi, Mie 511-0867 Japan
TEL +81-594-41-4141 (Main) TEL +81-594-41-4141 (代表)
FAX +81-594-41-4140
Business activities Architectural hardware, Metal work, Construction material, Landscaping material, Environmental products, Metal signage
Licensed business
  • Steel structural work
    [Permission from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (General-13) No. 10128]
  • Scaffolding,Construction work, Piping work, Sheet-metal work,
    Landscaping work
    [Permission from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (General-20) No. 19128]
Bank details
  • Yokkaichi Branch of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  • Tado Branch of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
  • Eba Branch of Hyakugo Bank
  • Oyamada Branch of Kuwana Shinkin Bank
  • Kuwana Branch of Juroku Bank
  • Takao Branch (Taiwan) of Mizuho Bank
  • Architectural Metalwork Association 
  • Mie Cast Metal Industrial Cooperative
  • Tokyo Architectural Hardware Cooperative
  • Chubu Architectural Hardware Cooperative
  • Osaka Architectural Hardware Cooperative

Head Office Map