Hirukawa Metal, as a general trading company dealing in construction materials, offers new values utilizing leading-edge technology, and contributes to urban development for the coming age.

Comprehensive Strength of Hirukawa Metal

Solutions for next-generation urban areas; dissemination and evolution of the reliable technology required for perfect solutions; Relentless challenges in pursuing customer satisfaction. These are comprehensive strengths and advantages of Hirukawa Metal.

New Methods

BIM business: Hirukawa Metal, aiming to be a leader in an age of BIM

We were ahead of our competitors when we started to focus on BIM, bringing innovation to construction, and our BIM business began in 2010.
By introducing BIM, where design, product procurement and construction are managed centrally, Hirukawa Metal has taken on the role of a pioneer in the industry.

New Ideas

Utilization of BIM by Hirukawa Metal, linking BIM with construction materials

Linking BIM with construction materials opens up further possibilities.
To let BIM reach its full potential, we will be improving our materials procurement capability and information sharing, and will continue to develop further as a general trading company in construction materials.

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